ACT in Action

 20141202_144008ACT is passionate about giving back! We currently operate in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, and Nebraska..  Eventually we would like to expand to all 50 states.

Our current outreach programs:
Central Colorado – distribute food boxes with healthy recipes and necessary ingredients

Northern Maine – assist cancer patients with lodging and transportation to/from cancer treatments

Central Nebraska – assist with home delivery meal service for senior citizens

Central Colorado – distribute toiletry bags to homeless individuals

Central Colorado – provide nutritious after-school snack for teenagers at risk for drug addiction and suicide

Central Missouri – purchase meat to supplement supplies at the county food bank

Central Arizona – provide meals to US veterans

Northern Kansas – deliver personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies to rural area families

If you have suggestions for future outreach programs, please Contact Us.

Toiletry Bag contents - picture

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