Selection Process

American Charitable Trust conducts community outreach to help individuals with basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, shelter and basic health care. Our website includes areas to Refer Someone in Need and a Personal Application where anyone is able to apply for support for themselves.  American Charitable Trust also contacts local organizations that work for the benefit of underprivileged individuals to promote the program and locate individuals who are in need of immediate assistance regarding food, water, clothing, shelter or medical supplies.

Currently, support is be provided primarily through financial assistance. As the organization grows, volunteers will purchase and deliver food and necessary supplies to individuals in need.

Detailed records will be kept regarding distributions, including the date, amount and purpose of distribution, number of individuals who received help, location by state and county, and source of recommendation. A follow-up comment section will be completed after interviewing the location referring agency to discuss the current status of individual(s) provided with assistance.

In order to be eligible to receive financial assistance from American Charitable Trust, an individual should be able to prove U.S. citizenship.  A valid social security number, held in strictest confidentiality, is the easiest method of providing proof.

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