ACT Leadership

Leadership and Board of Directors

Robert R. Michaud

Chairman of the Board/Director/President/Chief Executive Officer

As Chairman, Bob serves to give direction and vision to the organization. He is not involved in the daily functions, but constantly provides oversight and coordinates the Administrative and Fundraising Committees.

Bob earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Georgetown University. 

Tanya V. Schwindt

Director/Chief Financial Officer/Colorado Administrator

As CFO, Tanya is responsible for all funds of the organization, keeps and maintains the accounts, and prepares and certifies the financial statements included in any required reports.  In addition, Tanya oversees the Colorado operations.

Tanya earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Tech University and is a Certified Public Accountant. 

Edwin J. Halik

Director/Secretary/Colorado Administrator

Ed keeps the record of the minutes of the meetings of the Board.  He is also responsible for the internal and external communications and all the organization’s paperwork.

Ed earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Illinois State University and Master’s Degree from Northern Michigan University. 

Annie Moats

Director/Colorado Administrator

Annie provides valuable insight into the management and human resources areas of ACT, and her professional expertise includes over 20 years of leadership experience.  She has provided training for many organizations in management cultivation, teams in the work environment, customer service, and leadership skill development.

Annie earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Western State College, Master’s Degree from Utah State University, and has completed additional Doctorate work through Utah State University. 

Sue LeVasseur

Director/Maine Administrator

Sue has a vast knowledge and experience regarding nonprofit and volunteer organizations.

Sue is overseeing the outreach activities in Maine. 

Board of Directors - Guidelines


Board members are selected based on their commitment to the mission as well as their individual expertise in relation to the needs of the organization and the composition of the Board as a whole. It is essential to identify and nominate board members with the leadership and experiential abilities to perform their duties as board members. Additionally, to be effective, board members must have a clear understanding of the expectations and level of commitment required of membership, and be capable of meeting those requirements.

Board Member Expectations

Commitment of time to:

• Attend and participate in board meetings,
• Participate in board email discussions
• Elect new board
• Select executive committee
• Take on specific projects as needed
• Advise members and executive committee
• Guide and grow organization, including finding new volunteers
• Publicize and identify fundraising opportunities for ACT
• Accept special assignments or leadership positions, and
• Stay informed on issues and read materials.

Additional Expectations

Understand the authority, duties, and responsibilities of the Board as outlined in the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws.

Hold others and yourself accountable for the mission, financial viability and effectiveness of the organization.

Avoid conflicts of interest and other unethical behavior.

Support board decisions.

Treat board matters confidentially.


Drew Drescher

Development Assistant

Drew writes grants and helps with marketing and advertising.


Rani Powers

Volunteer, Website Designer

Rani has volunteeed her time to create and maintain the appearance of the ACT website.

Monica Schwindt

Volunteer, Administration

Monica assists with office and administrative tasks.

Kevin Schwindt

CEO, AdvantEdge LLC

Volunteer, Website Technician

Kevin helps maintain the ACT website functionality and keep everything running smoothly.

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