Frequently Asked Questions

American Charitable Trust relies on the help of generous donors just like you to make a difference in American communities. We strive for integrity and transparency in all we do, so if you’re considering making a donation, please click below to find the answers to some commonly asked questions.

About American Charitable Trust

Is this a tax exempt organization?

Yes.  We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that relies upon the support of generous Americans to fulfill our mission.  We have provided our financial records and IRS documentation for your review here. For detailed information about or organization’s internal processes, visit Inside ACT.  We are committed to transparency – if you can’t find something on our website, please Contact Us.

Where are you located?

American Charitable Trust has volunteers around the United States.  Our main operating address is in Arizona.  For our address and contact information, click here.  You can also read more about our leadership and volunteers here
About Donating

Who do my donations support?

United States citizens.  In order to be eligible to receive support from American Charitable Trust, individuals must have proof of citizenship.  We are passionate about giving back to our communities, right here in the United States.

How much of my donations are used for assistance?

We strive for extremely low overhead costs.  We are proud to be able to say that 99% of your donated funds reach US citizens.

How much of my donation goes overseas?

None.  100% of all funds stay in the United States.

What is the minimum donation amount?

There is no minimum donation amount. Every contribution, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.  To read more about donations, or to make a donation, click Donate. To read about other ways you can support American Charitable Trust, visit How You Can Help.

Do you give out the names of your donors?

No.  We keep records of all donors and donation amounts.  However, we will only provide the names of our donors when legally required to do so.
About Receiving Aid

How does ACT locate Americans in need?

American Charitable Trust conducts community outreach to help individuals with basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, shelter, and basic health care.  Our website accepts personal applications for support here and referrals for individuals or families in need here.  We also contact local organizations that work for the benefit of underprivileged individuals to promote the program and locate individuals who are in need of immediate assistance.

How do I apply to receive financial aid from ACT?

If you are a US citizen in need of financial aid, please Apply Here.  Additional information about receiving funds from ACT can be found here.

How do I recommend someone else as a candidate for financial aid?

American Charitable Trust is accepting referrals for individuals in need.  If you know of an individual or family in need of temporary assistance to regain a footing in society, please click here to send us a referral.  Your name will be kept anonymous.

Do I have to participate in fundraising in order to receive financial aid?

No.  It is the policy of American Charitable Trust to help individuals who request aid, even if the individual or family does not take an active part in any of our fundraising activities. The support of an individual will not depend on the fundraising effort of the individual or family.

If I receive financial assistance from ACT, do I have to pay the money back?

No.  We are a nonprofit organization committed to helping those in need to regain their footing in society.  We do not loan money.  Donations from our generous benefactors are given based on need and never need to be repaid.
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?  Additional questions can be directed here.