Our Mission

We have been organized to identify and provide care, assistance, support, and related services to underprivileged American citizens in the United States.  Funded entirely by grants, American Charitable Trust provides opportunities for Americans to regain a footing in society.  Our mission is to give back to Americans, alleviate suffering, and ensure respect for the human being.

American Charitable Trust is a humanitarian organization that believes in supporting US citizens.  We are passionate about giving back to the community and helping those who are capable, but less fortunate.  Support is provided to individuals in need primarily through financial assistance for basic necessities like food, water, clothing, shelter, and basic health care.

Our mission is to empower struggling US citizens, provide hope and comfort to individuals and families, and to provide opportunities for individuals to regain their independence.  Any American in need is able to apply for support through our website here.  We also accept referral applications here.  It is our policy to help any American applicant in need – the support of an individual does NOT depend on the fundraising effort of the individual or family.

 American Charitable Trust does

  • provide volunteer opportunities.
  • remain transparent.
  • make all financial reports public.

 American Charitable Trust does not...

  • disclose private information of donors, recipients or volunteers.

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